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Rental of products and tools

Our rental packages are popular because they allow you to purchase fully functional fire protection equipment at a lower cost. Moreover, the risk of depreciation is eliminated and you preserve your liquidity. Just tell us the number of extinguishers, their type and the duration and we will make you an offer.

Rental of fire extinguishers, fire stations or fire blankets

As an option, our delivery services will deliver and collect the equipment on the day and at the time of your choice.

Rental of the fire station control trolley

The new directives of the AEAI (01.01.2015) provide that the fire stations must be checked periodically, the flow must be at least 16 l/min and the pressure at least 3 bar. If your company has the resources to carry out the maintenance of the fire stations, we can rent you the control trolley by the day after instruction. On the other hand we can also provide you with all spare parts and control labels.

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