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Automatic extinguishing systems

The automatic extinguishing system is a simple technology for the detection and automatic extinguishing of fire outbreaks, which by definition works without any human intervention.

The role of an automatic extinguishing system is to :

– Detect
– Give the alarm
– Extinguish or at least contain an incipient fire

Our ranges


The FIRETREX© system is a simple technology for detecting and automatically extinguishing the beginnings of a fire.
No external energy is required for its operation, it is 100% autonomous. It is therefore ideal for use in ATEX zones.
Each valve is equipped with a dry contact which allows a servo-control (e.g.: electrical cut, machine stop, ventilation…).
This system includes an extinguishing agent reserve equipped with a special tap and a flexible detection tube. The Firetrex© pressurised tube acts as a pneumatic detector when the temperature rises or when a flame appears.
When a fire starts, the Firetrex© tube activates the tank valve by pressure imbalance, instantly spraying the extinguishing agent at the source of the fire. 


The FIRETREX© MP system, a self-contained automatic fire detection and extinguishing system, is ideal for the protection of enclosed spaces or objects located in closed or semi-open areas.
It consists of an extinguishing agent tank and a detection system using a thermo-pneumatic trigger with a bulb. The thermo-pneumatic detector has a calibrated sprinkler bulb (different temperatures available) and a gas cartridge.

In the event of a fire, the automatic detection will activate the gas supply, via a 4/6 diameter pipe, to the tank valve.

– Available versions: WATER, POWDER, CO2 and NOVEC

FIRETREX© MPs use 50 l/kg or 100 l/kg charged tanks.
They are suitable for class A, AB, ABF, ABC, BC and D fires depending on the agent used.

Main areas of use:
– Archive premises – Storage of flammable liquids.
– Household waste depots – storage of industrial waste.
– Storage of paper and cardboard – Storage of textiles.
– Workplaces where there is a risk of overheating.
– Small paint depot.
– Limited storage of hydrocarbons.
– Oil pans.
– Electric motors.
– Class B fires.
– Electrical fires.
– Class D fires.
– Non-exhaustive list, subject to study.

Minimum temperature of use: – 20°C (depending on the agent used)
Storage temperature: – 20°C to + 60°C (depending on the agent used)
Storage of the additive: 5 or 10 years

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